In progress

Homelabself‑hostingAuthorBuilding and management of a custom home server, from hardware maintenance to system administration and infrastructure as code.

FOSS/Open Source

easy-hugosoftwareContributorGNU Emacs major mode designed for writing Hugo-powered blogs using various markup formats.
dotfilesenvironmentAuthorUNIX/Linux environment setup, including my automation scripts and configuration files for a variety of tools.
emacs.denvironmentAuthorGNU Emacs configuration along with an in-depth chronicle of my crafting and managing processes.
99-problemslaboratoryAuthorProgramming practice in different languages of the classic Ninety-Nine Prolog Problems crafted by Werner Hett.
sucklessenvironmentAuthorSource code and configuration files for my suckless builds of dwm, dmenu, dwmblocks, st, and slock.


AWS Cloudcloud‑hostingAuthorDeployment of dynamic websites on AWS, including network management and system administration.