Eterno Devir


In progress

Homelab (2022-current)

This project is a custom home server that involves a wide range of areas, including virtualization, containerization, network security, system administration, and infrastructure as code. By integrating technologies such as Ansible and Podman, I have been continuously testing and deploying a variety of tools and services, enabling me to create an optimized system for my specific needs.

  • System

    • QEMU/KVM
    • Ansible
    • Debian, RHEL
    • Docker, Podman
  • Network

    • Nginx Reverse Proxy
    • Unbound DNS
    • Pihole
    • VPN
    • SSH
    • iptables
  • Services

    • Home Assistant
    • Jellyfin
    • Hugo
    • Gotify
  • Management

    • Portainer
    • Grafana
    • Prometheus
    • Node Exporter
    • cAdvisor
    • Watchtower

FOSS/Open Source


easy‑hugoContributorGNU Emacs major mode designed for writing Hugo-powered blogs using various markup formats.


dotfilesAuthorUNIX/Linux environment setup, including my automation scripts and configuration files for a variety of tools.
emacs.dAuthorGNU Emacs configuration along with an in-depth chronicle of my crafting and managing processes.
sucklessAuthorSource code and configuration files for my suckless builds of dwm, dmenu, dwmblocks, st, and slock.


99‑problemsAuthorProgramming practice in different languages of the classic Ninety-Nine Prolog Problems crafted by Werner Hett.


AWS Cloud (2018-2022)

This project involved deploying dynamic websites on AWS, managing network, DNS, snapshots, and system updates on Ubuntu Server instances. To accomplish this, I employed a combination of AWS resources, such as Route 53 and Lightsail, along with remote and security tools. During its operation, I also handled other tasks including WordPress management, content creation, and website design and customization.

  • Ubuntu Server
  • Route 53
  • Lightsail
  • CloudWatch
  • Bitnami
  • Wordpress Multisite