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Wong Kar-Wai
Wong Kar-Wai is a Hong Kong Second Wave filmmaker, internationally renowned as an auteur for his visually unique, highly stylized films. Wong's films frequently feature protagonists who yearn for romance in the midst of a knowingly brief life and scenes that can often be described as sketchy, digressive, exhilarating, and containing vivid imagery.
Michelangelo Antonioni
Michelangelo Antonioni was an Italian modernist film director, screenwriter, editor, and short story writer. Antonioni redefined the concept of narrative cinema and challenged traditional approaches to storytelling, realism, drama, and the world at large. He produced enigmatic and intricate mood pieces and rejected action in favor of contemplation, focusing on image and design.
Pedro Almodóvar
Pedro Almodóvar is a Spanish film director, arguably the most internationally known of his generation. Almodóvar's films employ the codes of melodrama and are marked by complex narratives, irreverent humor, strong colors, glossy décor, and references to pop culture and popular songs. Desire, passion, family and identity are among Almodóvar’s most prevalent themes.

Alphabetical list

Agnès VardaBelgium1928-2019TMDB
Akira KurosawaJapan1910-1998TMDB
Alfred HitchcockEngland1899-1980TMDB
Andrei TarkovskyUSSR1932-1986TMDB
Chris MarkerFrance1921-2012TMDB
Denys ArcandCanada1941TMDB
Dziga VertovRussian Empire1896-1954TMDB
François TruffautFrance1932-1984TMDB
Glauber RochaBrazil1939-1981TMDB
Hayao MiyazakiJapan1941TMDB
Jean-Luc GodardFrance1930-2022TMDB
Jean-Pierre JeunetFrance1953TMDB
Kleber Mendonça FilhoBrazil1968TMDB
Krzysztof KieślowskiPoland1941-1996TMDB
Michael CurtizAustria-Hungary1886-1962TMDB
Michelangelo AntonioniItaly1912-2007TMDB
Pedro AlmodóvarSpain1949TMDB
Quentin TarantinoUSA1963TMDB
Ridley ScottEngland1937TMDB
Slavoj ŽižekSlovenia1949TMDB
Takashi MiikeJapan1960TMDB
Tsai Ming-liangMalaysia1957TMDB
Werner HerzogGermany1942TMDB
Wes AndersonUSA1969TMDB
Wim WendersGermany1945TMDB
Wong Kar-WaiChina1958TMDB
Yorgos LanthimosGreece1973TMDB

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